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retail space after painting

Tips to Paint a Large Space Quickly

Discover tips on how to paint a large space like a retail store or home quickly using a Wagner paint sprayer to get the job done.

DIFFICULTY: Intermediate


This past month I was excited to paint my first local mural at a local store expanding to a second location. The only catch? It was a super tight turnaround. The store had less than two weeks between getting the property to opening date, which gave me less than one week to make the mural happen. But the walls needed a fresh coat of paint first and it was a sizeable space with beautiful high ceilings. I want to share some of the tips I’ve gleaned from painting this space and many others as quickly (but beautifully!) as possible.


retail space before painting


retail space after painting

Clear as much as you can out of the way

Prepping the room saves time

Clearing out as many obstacles as you can may take a bit of time upfront, but it will pay off. The less you have to work around and mask off, the better! Especially with a high ceiling like this, when you need to use a ladder, you don’t want to be worrying about knocking things over with the ladder when you move it around!

retail space before painting

Mask really well

Avoid accidental painting & mask

Put time into masking! Masking can be the most time consuming part of a project, but it’s also the one with the most payoff. If you take the time to mask windows, trim and features you don’t want to get paint on, you can spray confidently in an even pattern for less coats and even coverage, then just peel back your masking to reveal a perfect cut in job.

masking retail space

Use the right tools for the job

Save time - paint with a sprayer

The right tools make a difference. If you’re in a position where time is your commodity, investing in the right tools will save you so much time. Here’s what that meant for this project. This meant masking with pre-taped plastic (Scotch Blue Tape + Plastic) and using rough surface painters tape for the brick. These are high quality so I didn’t worry about extra layers and got the job down quickly.

This also meant using the Wagner Control Pro 130 airless paint sprayer for spraying the space. This sprayer is a beast when it comes to large projects, making the painting the quickest part of your job. I’d recommend this for anyone taking on a large project like a store or a house exterior.

wagner paint sprayer

First coat horizontal, second coat vertical

Crosshatch for coverage

Spray one coat horizontally, the next vertically. This made such a difference in coverage for us in the projects we’ve been taking on lately. It allows us to get a great coverage with two coats instead of three.

painting with control pro 130

Enjoy the space

These tips helped me paint this space so quickly, which gave me plenty of time to take on the mural- a first for me in a public space!

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retail space after painting
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