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How to Steam Clean an Oven

Learn the best way to quickly clean an oven using chemical free steam. You'll learn how to easily steam clean your oven for spotless results!



When it comes to deep cleaning my home the last item on my list is my oven. It's an area I dread cleaning, mostly because I hate spending so much time scrubbing it. But, that all changed when I discovered the easy way to clean it, and I mean deep clean it. With my Wagner 915 On-Demand Steamer it's never been easier!


oven before cleaning


oven after cleaning

Add Distilled Water

Imagine no more scrubbing, no more chemicals, and most importantly cleaning your oven in no time at all! By using the Wagner 915 On-Demand Steamer you can have just that. Here's how.

Start by filling up your Wagner 915 On-Demand Steamer with Distilled water. Attach the Jet nozzle with the small nylon brush attachment. Next, turn on the steamer and allow it to fully heat up, which is when you see the green light.

adding water to steamer

Apply Steam

Start cleaning! I'll clean my entire oven inside and out as well as the stove top. You can even steam clean glass stove tops. I'll steam everything then wipe away all the grease and grime with a rag towel.

steaming oven

Scrub with Brush Attachment

For heavier build up the brush attachment works great without ruining your oven.

removing grime from oven

Enjoy Your Clean Oven

You'll be amazed just how easy it is to deep clean an oven. As you can see my oven has seen better days! I couldn't believe how dirty it was, but now it's good as new.

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steam cleaning an oven
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Wagner 915 On-Demand Steamer

Distilled Water


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