Woodworking – Earlex Series

Designed with the woodworker in mind. The finishing sprayers are the perfect tool to achieve that ultra-find, professional finish on your woodworking projects


Do I have to thin the material?

This will depend on which front end is being used. If your material will not spray at all or if it spits/splatters it may need thinning. If thinning is necessary, as little as 5% can make…

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Why does air continuously come out when I turn my sprayer on?

The Earlex Super Finish Max, the FLEXiO series, the Earlex 5700 and the Control Series sprayers are all bleeder guns.  With a bleeder gun air flows continuously; the trigger only starts and stops the paint flow.

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What should I use to clean my sprayer?

Warm, soapy water for water-based materials; mineral spirits for oil-based materials, along with a soft bristle brush and a rag.  Always flush with clean water after the mineral spirits. Always check the back of the paint…

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Can I draw paint directly out of the paint can?

The Earlex Super Finish Max, Earlex 5700 and the FLEXiO series cannot draw from the paint can.  If you have a larger project that requires you to draw out of a one or five gallon container…

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