Surface Prep Tools

Quickly and properly prepared surfaces before painting by sanding off paint chips, or applying textures, making surface prep easier.


Will the PaintEATER work indoors?

We do not recommend using the Paint Eater indoors.

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What surfaces can the PaintEATER be operated on?

The PaintEATER can be used on solid wood, Masonite, siding, wood siding, concrete, and steel.

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Will other manufacturers discs work on the PaintEATER?

This unit will only accommodate the Wagner Painter Eater disc, other discs will not work and are not safe to use.

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How long should the disc last?

A) Approximately: B) Exact square footage will vary depending on the condition of the surface and the amount of pressure applied to the disc. We suggest letting the tool do the work without applying any extra

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