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How to Sand Wood Siding

Learn how to sand your entire home exterior this summer using a PaintEater tool to easily grind away the old, chipped or damaged paint.



Hey everyone, this is Lindi from Love Create Celebrate! We are taking on a huge project this summer and renovating our entire exterior! Our house is covered in painted wood siding and so much of the paint has been chipping away because of sun and wind damage, so it’s time for a change.


before home exterior


after home exterior

Make a plan

We have big plans including, painting our wood siding, painting our window trim, building some kind of front porch, and more. But step one is to prep all of the siding for paint.

We started by checking all of the siding, and getting ready to sand any chipping or peeling paint.

wagner paint eater

Prep siding with a Wagner PaintEATER

The tool we used for scrapping the paint was the Wagner PaintEATER. It was made for this job and worked perfectly!

We just pressed lightly to get a nice scuff on all the boards, remove any necessary paint, and to get a nice feathered finish, so that our new exterior house paint will go on smoothly and evenly.

removing paint with wagner painteater

Get ready to paint

We are so impressed with how quick and easy it was to prep all of the boards, and now that the really hard work is done, we’re ready to paint the exterior of our home!

removing paint with wagner paint eater

Watch this video to learn the simple steps

We share 7 simple steps for prepping your exterior for paint, and shared a video of the entire process. To see all of the details, visit our post and video tutorial at Love Create Celebrate!

home exterior after
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