DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

Get inspired with these DIY Valentine's Day gift ideas! Learn how Lindi & Russ created a DIY veggie crate and wine rack.
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915E On-Demand Steamer
FLEXiO 3500 Sprayer

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Hey everyone, this is Lindi and Russ. Valentine’s Day is coming up quickly! We’ve never been ones for traditional Valentine’s gifts, but we do like to do something special. Last year we started thrifting gifts for one another, and transforming random things we find at the thrift store.


cleaning metal racks


valentines day gifts after


wooden diy gifts on table
DIY valentines day gifts

We both bought thrifted items, came home and transformed them, and then shared them with one another.

Step #1

wine flight diy
DIY valentines day gifts

For my project, I found an old wine rack. We don’t need a tacky wine rack, but I thought I could turn it into some fun flight boards for a date night.

Step #2

wooden cupboards
DIY valentines day gifts

Russ found some old wooden cupboard doors (real wood pieces are always useful!) and an old hamster cage, which he planned to turn into a garden box for me, so that I can collect veggies from the garden, and bring them into the house.

Step #3

cleaning metal racks
DIY valentines day gifts

Russel started by disinfecting his metal pieces with the Wagner On-Demand Steam Cleaner, which is a great chemical free cleaner! Then we both got to work cutting our pieces down to size.

Step #4

spraying stain with flexio sprayer
DIY valentines day gifts

When they were ready for paint and finishes, we grabbed the cordless FLEXiO 3550 to paint, stain, and protect all of our pieces. We sprayed everything inside of a small spray shelter that was in the shop, and then took turns with the tool. Luckily it comes with two batteries, so if one of us wore out the battery while we were working, we had another one charged and ready to go!

Step #5

veggie crate
DIY valentines day gifts

Once everything was painted, stained and protected we put it all back together and presented them to one another. The reactions were priceless! If you want to see the full DIY process, and the reactions to the gifts, make sure to check out our blog, Lindi & Russ, and our YouTube channel, Lindi & Russ,

Step #6

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