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How to Make A Decorative Snowman

This snowman will last from year to year and can be made in many different sizes by adapting the quantity of snow used.



No need to trample out in the snow to create a festive, everlasting snowman. Create this winter icon with the FURNO™ Heat Gun and some shrink wrap cellophane bags. You will need six cups of fake snow, three shrink wrap bags, ribbon, buttons, a doll's top hat, a hot glue gun and some seam binding or twine.


Fill Bags with Fake Snow

Create graduated-sized snow balls by filling each bag with varying amounts of fake snow. Fill bottom bag with three cups, middle bag with two cups, and top bag with one cup.

Frostys friends supplies

Cut Off with Twine

Tie each bag with twine or seam binding and cut off excess wrap.

Snowman Bags for heating

Hot Glue the Balls

Stack snow balls on top of each other and secure in place with dabs of hot glue.

Snowman Building

Apply Heat with Heat Gun

Shrink wrap snowman on low heat until plastic becomes tight and shiny

Snowman 3

Add Decorations

Use hot glue to apply embellishments like buttons, paper nose, twig arms and a ribbon scarf. Use shrink wrap bags to pack up like-colored Christmas ornaments for dust free storage.

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