Christmas Work Station Feature Image

Christmas Work Station

Create a work station for wrapping and making your holiday gifts.



Upstyle your own work station for creating all your holiday décor as well as the tasks of wrapping and making gifts. A bookshelf and table can be unified with paint. Use the FLEXiO 5000 paint sprayer to paint the wall, bookcase and work table. This sprayer works well with any paint and will make painting the intricacies and inside of the bookcase a cinch.


shelf before painting


Christmas Work station Final

Prepare your sprayer

Santa harnesses the power of this paint sprayer to finish all of his toys in time.

A satin paint will spray super well with the FLEXiO and leave a slight finish for easy cleanup.

Prepare your sprayer for painting and adjust the settings until you have a smooth paint flow.

flexio with work station

Spray the furniture

Decorations are super easy to spray, and when friends admire your decor you can create one for them to take home.

painting a christmas work station

Enjoy the Christmas work station

Enjoy your newly transformed Christmas workspace! You can create countless handmade crafts and decorations at this holiday work station and create timeless memorable gifts for your family!

Christmas Work station Final
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