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painted porch after

How to Paint a Porch

Learn how to paint your porch and provide a modern, new look. Use a FLEXiO paint sprayer to quickly coat the wood and get a great finish.

DIFFICULTY: Intermediate


Hello! I’m Becca from Hello Central Avenue where I help you find happiness at home! This summer I know so many of us are planning for a staycation, and the best way to create one is by updating your outdoor space! I took my scary looking side porch and turned it into a beautiful retreat for my family to enjoy by using Wagner’s FLEXiO 3000 Paint Sprayer! Oh, and did I mention that I updated this space for just over $500!


porch sanded


painted porch after

Prep surface with Wagner PaintEATER

I have been looking forward to fixing up my side porch for years. It was in need of some major TLC after not touching it for about 12 years! Paint was chipping everywhere and it was so dirty! Thanks to the Wagner PaintEATER and a few other tools, I was able to clean and properly prepare my porch for painting!

porch before painting

Grab your paint sprayer

This project was a huge undertaking on my part. I was the only person working on the porch, so I needed to take advantage of any time-saving tools. I knew that the Wagner FLEXiO 3000 paint sprayer would be my best friend when it came to painting this porch!

wagner paint sprayer

Mask and paint railings

Painting the railings and floors were so easy thanks to the paint sprayer! Using the sprayer’s minimum settings, I was able to be very precise with the paint on the railings. I used some unfolded boxes and Frog tape to prevent any paint from getting through the open spaces.

painting railings with a sprayer

Mask and paint floor

In order to paint the floor, I covered the bottom of the house using the cardboard and Frog tape as well. I adjusted the power dial to a higher setting, because I had more space to cover on the floor.

painting floor boards with a sprayer

Clean your sprayer and enjoy your painted porch!

Clean-up was a breeze, because the sprayer is so easy to take apart. It literally took 5 minutes. What normally would have taken hours and hours to paint, took me so much less time. The time I saved allowed me and my family to start enjoying our summer staycation even faster!

You can find the full blog post and more details at!

porch after painting
Products Used


Wagner FLEXiO 3000 Paint Sprayer


Paint roller

Paint pail and tray

Frog tape and cardboard

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