How to Use a Steamer to Clean a Bathroom

Clean your bathroom without using harsh chemicals by cleaning with the Wagner 915 Steam Cleaner.

Meg from Green with Decor used our 915 Power Steamer to clean her bathrooms!

What You'll Need:

You can use Wagner’s steam cleaner to clean your bathroom and give them a fall cleaning before cold weather settles in!

The steam cleaner can be used to clean bathroom fixtures, tile, floors (depending on the material), windows and more.

Step 1

Put the steam cleaner together. Check the manual to see which attachment to use for your project.

You can use a brush nozzle for bathroom fixtures…

… and the large cleaning brush on subway tile.

Step 2

Fill your steamer with water. Check Wagner’s manual for how much water you’ll need for your project.

Use a funnel to fill the steamer, put the cap back on and shut the lid.

Step 3

Plug the steamer in. Turn it on.

Both the green and red lights will come on. When the red light turns off, it’s ready for use.

Step 4

Activate the trigger to start steaming!

Step 5

Shut the steamer off when you’re done, activate the trigger to release any pressure, unplug the steamer and wait at least 20 minutes until the steamer has cooled down.

Empty any remaining water from the steamer.

Check out these before/after photos. It’s amazing what the steamer can do!

For more details on this project, head to Green With Decor’s post: How to use a steam cleaner to clean a bathroom.

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