painted house after

Painting a Stucco Home Exterior

Discover the quick and easy way to paint a stucco home exterior yourself using a Wagner paint sprayer to get the job done with professional results.

DIFFICULTY: Intermediate


It’s incredible what you can accomplish with 3 days, a paint sprayer and a whole lot of paint. Take this house makeover- the exterior before was worn, quite damaged, and patchy from replacing windows. The after? Striking and modern. Here’s how we took it on in just 3 days start to finish!


house before painting


house after painting

Prepare your surfaces

Preparing your surface for paint is one of the most important steps for a lasting finish. For the stucco home, we power washed and let it dry completely. The wood and metal surfaces got a really good wire brush treatment to remove loose debris and paint.

Masking can’t be overlooked! Mask off any areas you don’t want overspray. We Masked only the new windows as we were painting or replacing the rest!

masking house

Consider Access

A ladder is great, but scaffolding? Even better! You can rent it from tool supply stores, but sometimes that’s not enough to get the job done. We ended up reaching out to a company to borrow their bucket truck to reach the very top of this house!

painting tall areas

Spray your main sections

Time to get spraying! We sprayed two coats of paint with our Wagner Control Pro 130 for this project. Two coats, paying attention to shadows on the coarse stucco is more than enough for a really even coverage. You can learn more about painting Stucco right here.

The Wagner Control Pro 130 works incredibly fast, this allowed us to do two coats of three sides of the house in the first day. We tackled the peaks and tall front wall of the house on day two.

spraying exterior siding

Paint Trim + Doors

Trim and doors can be tedious but help the project really pop. We painted these by hand to avoid taping freshly painted stucco.

paint doors and trim

Bonus Points Projects!

When we were finished, we decided the deck and fence looked so old next to the fresh paint that we decided to paint them too! Some fun mint colored paint in the paint sprayer and 20 minutes per coat- this project was complete!

This sponsored project was completed by Lemon Thistle. Head to the blog for the full post and details about this project.

painted house after
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