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Feature Image Snow Flocked Christmas Tree

Snow Flocked Christmas Tree

Learn how to paint a wonderful, white flocked Christmas tree using a Wagner paint sprayer.


Gather your materials

Start by gathering all the material you'll need to spray your Christmas tree with paint. You'll need: Wagner Home Décor sprayer, fresh Christmas tree, 1 cup white latex paint, 1 scoop Saltwash, 4 cups water, Scissors, Drop cloth

paint for tree flocking

Prepare your space

Tack drop cloth to a wall to create a spray background or use a Wagner Studio Spray Tent to create a work space for working on the Christmas tree.

Sprayer with Tree

Paint underneath branches

In the front end cup of the Wagner Home Décor sprayer, combine the Saltwash, water, and paint. Stir to mix thoroughly. Assemble the sprayer and begin to spray the tree.

Spraying Christmas Tree With Paint Sprayer

Paint top of branches

We kept the tree bundled at first so that the underside could be easily painted. Cut the netting off the tree and let the branches fall to a natural position, then resume spraying the entire tree turning the tree clockwise as you work.

Painted Christmas Tree to look like snow

Enjoy your flocked Christmas tree

A white tree really shows off colorful ornaments to their best effect, but Saltwash can be mixed with any color to create a beautiful tree. All of the ornaments were made using Wagner heat guns.

Snow Flocked Christmas Tree
Products Used


Fresh Christmas tree

1 cup white latex paint

1 scoop Saltwash

4 cups water


Drop cloth

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