Deep Cleaning Carpets for the Holidays

Deep clean your home for the holidays before holiday guests arrive by using the Wagner On Demand steam cleaner to clean rugs, upholstery and more!

Having a white area rug in my living room may not have been my best idea considering this is the room that everyone enters the house through. When people walk in and inevitably step onto that rug, I cringe a little each time. However, I really love that rug so if it requires a little extra cleaning, so be it.

To get it ready for the holidays, I gave it a deep cleaning with my carpet steamer. As far as carpet steamers go, this one checks all the boxes. It’s lightweight, really easy to use and small enough that it doesn’t take up too much storage space.

After moving the furniture out of the way I set up my Wagner 915 On-Demand Steam Cleaner. I first added distilled water into the hatch using the included funnel. Then I attached the cleaning towel to the large cleaning brush.

I powered it on and waited for only the green indicator light to be lit. That’s when you know it’s ready.

You should always try the steamer in an inconspicuous spot before using on your entire rug or upholstery. I did this the night before, it’s suggested to wait 24 hours after to be sure.

I began in one corner of the room and worked my way out. At first, I wasn’t sure how long to apply steam to each area or how much to use. But when I accidentally blasted an area for a little too long, I noticed the area rug was whiter in that spot. So going forward, I didn’t hold back.

Because steam cleaning is oddly satisfying, when I finished the rug I wanted to do more. So I moved the furniture back into the room and began steaming my side chairs. They had a few small stains on them and the steamer really helped to blast those out.

When I finished steaming, I shut the machine off and let it sit for 30 minutes to cool off before putting it away. The 915 Power Steamer has many uses outside of carpet cleaning. You can use it to clean bathrooms, remove wallpaper, and even to clean windows to name a few.

A few days later I put up my Christmas tree and I could just feel the difference the steamer made in this room. Now if only I could get my Christmas shopping done so easily!

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