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Kitchen Makeover Feature Image

Kitchen Refresh

Mixing up a colorful space with personality - Update a sedate and neutral kitchen to an upbeat and fun space.



What was once more sedate and neutral, the kitchen (and heart-of-the-home) gets a fresh paint facelift using two new colors making the space upbeat and fun.

Living with standard white is fine when you’re just starting out. But once you set down roots, it’s time to make your house a home. Working with color can be daunting at first - have you seen the paint chip display at your local hardware store?! However, there are a few ways to get acquainted with color that will gently nudge you away from bright white.

Isolate your favorite color or colors by reviewing your favorite things like clothing, flowers, even the shade of your car. Pull tear sheets of rooms you love in magazines or create a pin board online of interiors and objects that inspire you. Create a palette study at home with a collection of items assembled together that you can view and study, add to or edit from.


before kitchen painting


Kitchen Makeover Final Look

Select your colors

For this kitchen, two pieces of pottery strike just the right note as a complementary pair. A trip to the paint store yields paint chips which provide further color inspiration.

inspiration shot

Prep your space

Streamlining the process for any paint makeover is all about organization. Make a list of items that will not need painting and employ some of today’s handy products to keep them paint-free during the process. Proper taping and masking will yield excellent results and almost zero touch-ups.

Wall stripe makeover before

Mark line separating colors

Use painter's tape to create the horizontal line between the two colors. Use a measuring tape and pencil to mark off height and then place tape along the defined pencil line. A wall bracket needs only a wrap with masking paper and some tape to remain paint free.

Tape lines for stripes

Begin painting

With masking complete, it is time to begin spraying. Begin with your first color and spray the bottom portion of your space. Spray in smooth, even strokes overlapping passes as you go. Once the bottom section is dry, switch colors and spray the upper section.

Spraying kitchen cabinet with a paint sprayer

Remove masking

Remove tape and masking and put your room back together. Don't forget to include your inspiration pieces!

Kitchen Makeover After

Create an eye catching design

Including the cabinet in the dual paint scheme keeps the design streamlined and simple.

Kitchen Pantry Painted

Enjoy your new paint-lift

Satisfying an appetite for something new, this paint-lift delivers a fresh space to cook, congregate and celebrate.

The fresh hues inspire a collection of dishes and pottery as accents and provide a backdrop for a space that is grounded in the homeowner’s style.

Kitchen Makeover Feature Image
Products Used


Paint in two different shades

Painter's tape

Measuring tape

Masking materials

Drop cloths

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