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Holiday Star Feature Image

Holiday Star Ornament

Foss fabric and a steamer makes dimensional star ornaments to hang on trees or in windows and doorways instead of mistletoe.



Who says steamers are just for cleaning? Get your creative steam flowing and use your steamer to create handmade star ornaments.


Fill the steamer

Fill the steamer with water and heat until ready.

Holiday Star Step 1

Trace your shape

Using a template, trace the shape.

Holiday Star Step 2

Cut the fabric

Cut three stars out of the fabric.

Holiday Star Step 3

Steam the first star

Fold one of the stars in half and hold with tongs. Steam until stiff.

Holiday Star Step 4

Add additional stars

Repeat with the other two stars, combining them as you go.

Holiday Star Step 5

Paint the star

Once cool and firm, spray the star with paint using a festive color. When the paint has dried, hot glue decorative berries on the points of the star.

Holiday Star Feature Image

Hang and enjoy

Once dry, use an awl to puncture a hole through the top of the star. String with tinsel or twine to create a rustic hanger. Hang and enjoy.

Holiday Star Final
Products Used


Foss shape fabric

Decorative berries

Hot glue gun

Kitchen tongs

Tinsel twine


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