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Holiday Star Ornament

Foss fabric and a steamer makes dimensional star ornaments to hang on trees or in windows and doorways instead of mistletoe.

Holiday Star

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Fill the steamer with water and heat until ready. Using a template, trace the shape and cut three stars out of the fabric.

Holiday Star Step 1

Holiday Star Step 2

Holiday Star Step 3

Step 2:

Fold one of the stars in half and hold with tongs. Steam until stiff.

Holiday Star Step 4

Step 3:

Repeat with the other two stars, combining them as you go. Once cool and firm, spray the star with paint using a festive color. When the paint has dried, hot glue decorative berries on the points of the star.

Holiday Star Step 5

Step 4:

Once dry, use an awl to puncture a hole through the top of the star. String with tinsel or twine to create a rustic hanger. Hang and enjoy

Holiday Star Final

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