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resin christmas tree decor

Easy DIY Resin Christmas Trees

Create unique, handmade Christmas tree decorations this holiday season using resin and a Wagner heat gun to pop the air bubbles.



If you’ve jumped on the mercury glass tree bandwagon chances are you have a few trees already in your collection (or you have entire forest and have become completely obsessed like I have!). Of course, adding a few new trees to the forest is always a good idea! Which is why I’m going to show you how to make a few adorable resin trees to add to the collection.

These little trees are a quick and easy project that even beginners can tackle, so grab your heat gun and let’s get started.


resin trees before


holiday resin trees after

Prep Your Molds

For this particular project our molds are tall and skinny... and don't stand up very well on their own. The molds themselves do have cross pieces on the bottom to help them stand (and the ones on the smaller molds do seem to work well).

I don't particularly trust the stands on the larger trees and since we’re going to pour these trees in stages they need to stay level throughout the entire process. Instead I grabbed an old plastic container and put a tree in each corner with a few bags in the middle... the bags will hold the trees upright so that they can cure level.

christmas tree resin molds

Mix Your Resin

Now let’s mix our resin! For this project we’re going to mix 50ml of a dark pink resin and 50ml of a silver (although you can use whatever colors you’d like!).

After you've mixed your resin go ahead and let it sit for about 2-3 minutes so that all of the bubbles can rise to the surface... then use your heat gun on high to pop any bubbles that come to the top of the resin.

Since our little Christmas tree molds have lots of nooks and crannies we want to be extra careful to eliminate bubbles from this project... otherwise our finished trees will look less like cheddar cheese and more like swiss.

heat gun for popping air bubbles

Pour Resin

Let's get to the fun stuff... it's time for resin y'all!

Since we're officially on mission eliminate all bubbles from our resin we're not going to simply pour the resin into the molds. Instead we're going to use our stir stick to carefully spoon resin into each mold.

This way we can add a thin stream of resin from high up to each mold... and eliminate as many bubbles as possible.

Another tip is to fill each mold about 1/3 of the way and then use your heat gun to pop any bubbles that may have made it into the mold. Then add more resin and pop any bubbles at the 2/3 mark... and finally fill that bad boy up and pop any bubbles that come to the tippy top of the mold.

This should help to eliminate any bubbles that form in the little tiny branches along the way.

pouring christmas tree resin

Pop Bubbles

I’ve taken a photo of one pink tree where I poured the resin in stages and popped the bubbles along the way… and a photo of a silver tree where I poured the resin in one go and simply popped the bubbles at the top of the mold. The white tree is missing the tips off of 90% of it's branches... while the heat gun saved all of the pink trees branches!

Just make sure that if you're trying to pop bubbles in a silicone mold (like this one!) you're using a heat gun and not a torch. A torch will completely melt your mold and you'll be left with a sad melty goop... we want christmas trees not melty goop.

So for this project (and any other project with a silicone mold) your heat gun is your best friend.

resin christmas trees

Demold your Trees

Alright y’all once your trees have been curing for about 24 hours it’s time to bust these babies out of their molds. Start at the top and pull the silicone away from the resin allllllll the way around the base of the Christmas tree.

Once you've loosened the mold from the base start to pull the mold backwards from the bottom until it folds over on itself. This always freaked me out when I saw it done... but silicone is stronger than it looks. Just go slow and steady and you won't rip it.

Just keep rolling until you have the mold all the way down and your little tree can pop out. Then roll your silicone mold back down until it looks normal... perfect darling!

finished holiday resin trees


Your trees are done! You can grab a bit more resin and make more trees to add to your forest or call it a day.

Put these babies out and enjoy them all season long!

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resin christmas tree decor
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