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Material Compatibility

These materials are best suited for the FLEXiO 575

Wood Stain Not Recommended
Semi-Transparent StainAcceptable Performance
Solid StainIdeal Performance
Paint & PrimerIdeal Performance

iSpray Nozzle

Applies a textured finish, similar to a roller

Great for Broad Surfaces:

  • Walls
  • Decks
  • Fences
  • Home Exteriors
Detail Finish Nozzle 1 600x600.jpg

Detail Finish Nozzle

Applies a smooth finish

Great for:

  • Trim
  • Cabinets
  • Furniture

iSpray Nozzle Power & Material Setting Guide

Detail Finish Nozzle Power & Material Setting Guide

Transparent/Semi-Trans. Stains, Sealers2Low
Lacquers (water-based)3Low
Solid Stains4-6Low
Oil Enamels7High
Latex Paint+ Primers, Latex Paint9-11High
Oil or Latex Primers9-11High
Transparent/Semi-Trans. Stains, SealersMed/HeavyLow
Lacquers (water-based)Med/HeavyLow
Solid StainsMediumLow
Oil EnamelsHeavyHigh
Latex Paint+ Primers, Latex PaintHeavy*High
Oil or Latex PrimersHeavy*High
*Material may need to be thinned. Try Wagner Paint Easy for a smooth, consistent finish

Spraying Technique

Air Cap Position for Spray Patterns

Adjust the position of the air cap on the nozzle to change the spray pattern to your desired position

Horizontal Spray Pattern
W QX5 iSpray Nozzle Fan Pattern Horz
Vertical Spray Pattern
W QX5 iSpray Nozzle Fan Pattern Vert
Spraying Techniques
Distance From Surface

Position spray gun perpendicular to and 6-8″ from the surface

Spray technique 2500
Overlap Each Pass

When spraying large surfaces, overlap each pass by at least 50%.

Correct Spray Technique

Spray with smooth passes at a consistent speed. Do not flex wrist when spraying



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