Shed Makeover

Update and refresh your weathered outdoor shed this summer by applying a fresh coat of paint.
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Flexio 2500 Sprayer


We were on the hunt for a new shed for our new property, but we were on a tight budget. Once we looked at the pricing on a new shed we realized how expensive it would be not to mention quite the process to assemble as well. So we took to Facebook Marketplace for a used one. We found a shed the perfect size, a much more affordable price, but just needed its pretty makeover.

Let the makeover begin

Let the Makeover Begin

We had someone deliver it to our house and then the makeover began. New window from one we had on hand, new vertical shiplap to the face, and then of course a lot of paint to cover up the blue.

Step #1



With the help of Wagner FLEXiO 2000 we painted the sides of the shed in one weekend and had our shed makeover done in just a few short weeks.

Step #2

Save money

Save Money

It finishes the backyard beautifully and saved us a ton of money.

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Step #3

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