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bedroom makeover

Weekend Bedroom Makeover

Learn how to makeover your bedroom in one weekend using a Wagner paint sprayer to get the job done quickly with a great finish.



Hi everyone! This is Colleen from Lemon Thistle and I’m excited to share this weekend bedroom makeover with you. My sister recently bought her first home and although she lives a distance from us, we knew we wanted to help her make her house a home. In one three day weekend we totally transformed this space from tired and dated to fresh and cozy with the help of the Wagner FLEXiO 2500. Here’s an overview of what we did in the space!



We were working with some big holes, but no matter the size- take the time to patch your holes and sand gently so you have a beautifully smooth wall when it comes time to paint.

prepping the walls


We chose to install a classic picture frame moulding wall in this space. It helped add some of the charm of the original home into this space which is an addition (and lacking all the charm!). Fill any nail holes and caulk all the seams.

installing the moulding


The most important step when using a paint sprayer is masking- take the time to mask clean lines along your trim, doors, ceiling, and windows. I suggest covering the floors with flooring paper and using plastic on the ceiling and doorways.

mask your space


Taking the 4 minutes to play with your settings and getting the perfect smooth spray pattern with the paint and sprayer you’re using will save you so many frustrations. Using the poster that comes with your Wagner Sprayer is an easy way to do this or you can just use a scrap of cardboard or piece of flooring paper. The FLEXiO 2500 has two settings to tweak. You can choose high or low air pressure (I chose high) and you can choose your material flow. I typically start around 5 and adjust depending how I’d like it to look.

set up your paint sprayer


The most fun part… painting your room! You’ve done the hard work of prepping the walls and masking, now you get the satisfaction of painting them. This went so quickly with the help of the FLEXiO 2500. We had the whole room painted in a day with plenty of dry time between the coats.

painting with a paint sprayer


Remove the masking while your paint is still drying to avoid peeling the paint with the tape. Then step back and admire your hard work! You can see more about this project and details on the décor in my full blog post over at Lemon Thistle.

bedroom makeover
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