How to Use a Paint Sprayer on Kitchen Cabinets

Learn how to quickly and easily remodel your kitchen cabinets by Doing-it-Yourself. With the Wagner FLEXiO, you'll have new-looking cabinets in no time.


  • Wagner FLEXiO 5000 Paint Sprayer
  • 1 gallon Zinsser Primer
  • 2 gallons of paint- Benjamin Moore Blue Ice mixed in Behr Premium Plus– satin finish
  • 1 gallon Floetrol
  • Rag
  • 3 oz. bathroom cups (for elevating the cabinets during painting)
  • Krud Kutter
  • Paint Brush
  • Strainers for paint
  • Paint coveralls
  • Eye protection
  • Plastic gloves
  • Frog Tape
  • Plastic Tarp
  • Paper to protect floors
  • Putty to fill dents in cabinets


Start by prepping cabinets for paint. Take the cabinets doors down and remove all hardware (hinges and knobs/pulls). Clean the doors and drawers with Krud Kutter. You need to remove any grease or dust or anything that might ruin the paint finish. Next, use caulk to fill any cracks in the cabinet base and make sure the edges of the cabinets are filled. It’s these little details that’ll make for a professional finish!

If needed, sand off any imperfections like paint drips. If the cabinets have dents or chipping paint, fill with putty, let dry, and sand off. Finish up cabinet prep by wiping clean the cabinets one last time. Use painter’s paper to cover up the new wood floors.

Use a plastic tarp and painters tape to cover doorways, windows, cabinet bases you don’t want painted, electrical outlets and appliances.

Put on paint coveralls, plastic gloves, eye protection, a shower cap and shoe booties to prevent getting covered by paint.

Step One: Prime

Prime the cabinets and bases, wait an hour for it to dry, then flip the cabinets and paint the second side if needed. Wait one more hour for the primer to dry before painting.

Step Two: Paint

Use the sprayer to begin spraying the cabinets. Each side will need at least 2 coats of paint. Paint takes 2 hours to dry to the touch. It’ll take up to 14 days to fully cure though, so be careful with your newly painted cabinets.

Once the cabinets are dry, re-install the cabinets and doors.

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