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Turn Your Old Hamper Into A Hamper Planter

Rescue an old louver fronted hamper and recast it as an outdoor planter with exterior paint. Louvered doors are painstaking to hand paint so using the paint sprayer will save time but also create a smooth and even finish.


Clean and dust hamper

Start With A Clean Surface

Brush and clean hamper thoroughly to remove all dust and dirt. Use sand paper or a sanding block to remove any chippy or peeling paint.


Fill paint sprayer with paint

What Kind of Paint to Use

Giving wooden furniture new life requires the right kind of paint. While there are many to choose from, we've found paints specifically formulated for wood work the best. Even if you choose a latex based paint, FLEXiO is powerful enough to spray most latex paints unthinned.

Practice Spraying First

Fill the Wagner FLEXiO 3000 Paint Sprayer with paint. If you've never used a paint spray gun before, practice on the included spraying poster, or some flattened cardboard. Hold the sprayer 4-6 inches from the hamper and glide in an even horizontal pattern from left to right. Repeat this process spraying all sides and back. Let the hamper dry for several hours, and repeat with a second coat.


Once dry fill with flowers

Use Pots Inside Your Planter

Once it's completely dry, you can fill your new planter with fresh growing flowers in pots. Remove plants for watering and store planter in cool dry place for the winter to keep the paint from cracking in the cold.

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