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How to Upcycle Using Tropical Stencils

Stencil it special. Here's how to add pattern to anything.



Set a stylish summer scene with tropical stencils that upstyle items that were destined for donation.


Secure stencil and spray

Attach the stencil to furnishing with painter's tape or low tack spray adhesive.

Fill your Wagner Paint Sprayer with paint and spray evenly over the stencil until covered with color.

Remove the stencil and reveal your pattern instantly. Works great on beach totes, towels, and hats.

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Transformation complete

Buy a stencil or create one using Mylar or contact paper. Make polka dots from a few different-sized irregular shapes cut from contact paper.

An old dressing screen brings to mind a polka dot bikini and makes for a quick change by the pool or at the beach.

Tropical Stencils Wall Screen
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