dresser with decals

How to Transfer Designs to Wood

Easily transfer designs to wooden furniture and create unique images by using fabric transfer paper and heat.

Wagner tools make it easy to redo and detail old pieces of furniture. Both the Wagner sprayer and heat gun will give you the extra edge to personalize your pieces by transferring images to wood.

To revamp this dated highboy chest we first sprayed the piece in two different colors. Then, we went to signs.com where you can create and order your own custom quote decal that can easily be applied to wall or furniture with a FURNO 300 Heat Gun and a bone folder.

heat gun and transfer paper

The decals will come printed on something similar to contact paper. Make sure to mark the position of the decal using a pencil and ruler. Warm the surface area of the piece with the heat gun and then place the decal and rub over the paper with the bone folder.

Using heat transfers the image to your wooden surface almost immediately. The heat helps to release intricate patterns from the paper backing.

wagner heat gun

Remove paper and marvel at your design!

dresser with design

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decorated yellow dresser

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