refinished deck

Staining a Deck (the easy way!)

Make quick work of refinishing your deck this summer by using a sprayer! A fresh coat of stain adds a protective layer to your deck and makes it look great.

Your deck goes through a lot including blistering hot sunshine, thunderous hailstorms, frigid winter snow, and more. Treat your deck to a fresh coat of stain this summer to not only make the wood look great, but also apply a protective coat. Jeff, a Wagner employee, recently tackled this project using his Control Spray sprayer.

Here's what Jeff's deck looked like before it was stained. Let's see how he made it look brand new again!

unstained deck

unfinished staircase

Step 1: Clean The Deck

Even if your deck is in good shape, it's important to clean and power wash the wood to remove layers of built up dirt and grime. Be sure to check your material's manufacturer guidelines on if the boards should be completely dry (wait at least 48 hours) or damp before applying the stain.

Step 2: Protect Bushes and Siding

Use lightweight plastic sheeting and masking tape to cover and protect any areas you don't want stained, including your home's siding, windows, bushes, and grass.

Step 3: Start Spraying

Jeff started spraying his deck with the Control Spray, which made quick work of the project! This sprayer applies coatings evenly with control and efficiency. It is great for spraying stains and sealers on decks, lawn furniture, and more.

Jeff chose to use Cabot’s Australian Timber oil in Honey Teak to refinish the deck. After a few passes with the sprayer, the deck boards came back to life!

man spraying deck with sprayer

It's best to start first with the railings and the deck boards. Start near the house and work your way down to the stairs so you don’t step in any of the wet stain.

man spraying railings

Step 4: Admire Your "new" Deck!

Jeff couldn't be happier with how the deck turned out! Look at the nice, rich color of the boards.

stained stairs

Now Jeff's deck looks amazing and will be better protected from the elements.

stained deckboards and railing

Jeff was happy to have the Control Spray sprayer for this project. It applied the stain quickly and evenly with no brush or roller marks!

stained deck

Here's another look at the dramatic before and after!

before and after stained deck

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