Snowflake Accent Wall Feature Image

Snowflake Accent Wall Treatment

Use color to refresh a little used guest room for winter guests looking for a getaway.

Dress up a guest room for winter fun with a mix of Wagner paint tools and a plethora of decorative treatments including a snowflake accent wall. Big paint projects may require a few gallons to transform an entire room, but Wagner paint sprayers use paint more efficiently than a brush and require a third less paint than a traditional roller.

Why just paint a wall when you can wallscape it? Employ your Wagner paint tools and, in just a few steps, give your room a fresh new shade and a graphic design that will pop. Let these versatile tools use paint wisely and leave you with your own personal design style.


Snowflake wall accent before


Snowflake headboard


Tape off any exposed areas that you want to keep paint-free and spread drop cloths to protect the floor. Paint the interior of each wainscot panel on the wall-mounted headboard with the cream paint and the Wagner SMART Edge Roller Let dry completely.

Painting walls with the SMART Edge Roller


Place the snowflake cutouts on the wall and within the wainscot panels in a random pattern using pushpins to hold them in place. Once removed, these stencils will leave snowflake shapes on the wall in the cream color. Push pins hold wood cutouts in place during spraying. A sprayer makes efficient use of paint in a larger room project.

Placing Snowflake template on wall

Snowflake template placement

Wagner Paint Sprayer for walls


Using a ladder, begin painting at the very top of the wall with the Wagner FLEXiO® 3000 paint sprayer Spray in an unfettered horizontal pattern across the wall, keeping the front end of the sprayer 3–5 inches away from the wall surface. Spray over the entire wall, stencils, and the mounted headboard.

Spray painting snowflakes on accent wall

Spray paint walls with a Wagner paint sprayer

Painting Red Wall with a Wagner FLEXiO sprayer


Let dry thoroughly and then remove snowflake cutouts and any painter's tape.

Painting snowflakes on walls

Removing snowflake template from wall

Snowflake on wall

Snowflake Wall Accent After

Snowflake Accent Wall Treatment

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