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Resin Easter Eggs

Learn how to create DIY resin Easter eggs using molds, resin, and a Wagner heat gun. This easy crafting project is a great alternative to real Easter eggs!



Hey y’all, I have a fun little project for you today: Resin Easter Eggs! These little guys are quick and easy to make... and since resin is clear you can easily match them to any decor.

I used a few rose gold, pink and pastel inclusions in my eggs so that they would go with the pastel color scheme of my Easter table.

Ready to get started?


Gather supplies

Working with resin seems really intimidating but it's actually easier than you think. It's a mix resin, pour into mold, use a heat gun to pop bubbles, add sparkly things, let cure kind of process.


Mix resin and pour into mold

Of course, there are a few more steps but you get the general idea! I was always scared to try resin since I thought you needed a big scary torch to remove bubbles but now that I know a heat gun works I'll be making all. the. resin. projects.


Add sparkly things

I'm starting to think heat guns can do anything.


Pop bubbles

You can check out the full Resin Easter Egg tutorial here or go back to the beginning and check out my how to mix resin for beginners tutorial.



In the meantime here's the finished result!


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