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Remodeled Patio Furniture

Patio Makeover on a Budget

Learn how to transform cheap, thrift store patio furniture using Wagner tools.



You can find great, unexpected patio furniture in thrift stores, garage sales and even on the curb sometimes. These items came from a garage sale for $10 and the curb for free.


Mismatched pieces

They obviously don’t “match” and, thrown together with a vintage red chair I had on hand, the colors really clash.

Remodeled Patio Furniture

Start by sanding

I took this band of misfits and made them all go together by adding a unifying color. I started by sanding some of the chipping paint and bumps off.

Remodeled Patio Furniture

Remove loose parts

I didn’t remove all the paint, just the loose parts and smoothed some rough patches.

Remodeled Patio Furniture

Assemble sprayer and begin painting

No problem here though! If your patio looks like a rainbow disaster then use your Wagner FLEXiO paint sprayer and a fabulous base color to bring it all together in no time.

I made sure to use outdoor paint since this was for a patio makeover. It’s good to know that there is no need to dilute your paint with the FLEXiO sprayers.

The best tip is to practice. Make sure you get the flow and air pressure settings perfect before starting on your furniture. It makes the project smooth and fast. The more you use your sprayer, the more comfortable you will get with the settings. It isn’t hard at all.

Remodeled Patio Furniture

Start painting bottom

I like to start from the bottom then go up when painting furniture. Wait for your paint to dry completely and then flip to paint the underside.

Remodeled Patio Furniture

Spray 3-4 inches from surface

When painting, stay close to your project surface (3-4 inches away) and move in smooth motions staying equal distance from the surface for the best finish.

Remodeled Patio Furniture

Spray just about anything

Don’t forget that you can also spray paint mismatched pots and accessories to makeover your patio on a dime!

Remodeled Patio Furniture


It’s truly amazing how a little bit of paint can bring things together like they were always meant to be together!

Remodeled Patio Furniture

Set out and add pops of color

Add pretty pops of color with fresh flowers and pillows and let your thrifted finds set a gorgeous base for your brand new porch!

Remodeled Patio Furniture

More info

This sponsored project was created by Salvaged Living. For more information on this project, head to the full blog post.

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How to remodel cheap, thrift store patio furniture by using a Wagner FLEXiO paint sprayer
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