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Painted Staircase

Three shades of paint create the allure of a carpeted runner.



Artist and designer Michelle Graham desired a super stylish staircase for her foyer. Being a consummate artist and DIYer, she chose the Wagner FLEXiO Sprayer, which made the project easier than climbing a flight of stairs.


Staircase before


Staircase after painting

Meet Michelle

Michelle is an artist and designer whose work she showcases as Birch Paper and Home.


Paint the banister

First, Michelle painted the banister a sleek shade of glossy black.

Painting Stairs with Flexio

Paint sides of staircase

Next, she protected the banister with craft paper and sprayed each side of the staircase in a creamy white.

Painting staircase

Paint runner

Finally, she created the look of a runner spraying the very middle of the staircase beige. The final step once all was dry was to add a detail stripe with paint tape and the FLEXiO 5000 turned to its lowest setting. Michelle used California Paints' Kookaburra Licorice for the handrail and Modern White, Pigeon Gray, and Fine Grain for the stairs.

Spray Painting Staircase

Final staircase

The final staircase is fresh, durable, and perfect for a stocking clad family of four. And two pooches.

Staircase after painting
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