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How to Paint a Textured Ceiling

Painting a ceiling sounds messy, but it doesn't have to be. Easily paint your textured ceiling by using the Wagner Control Pro 130 paint sprayer.



Painting a ceiling sounds like a messy hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. Emily from Two Purple Couches used the Control Pro 130 to give a textured garage ceiling a cleaner, brighter look in one afternoon.


Prep the space

When you are preparing to paint a ceiling, clear as many items from the room as possible. Anything that cannot be removed should be covered with plastic sheeting or masking film, including lights, light switches, furniture, and flooring. If the walls are not being painted, tape off with painter’s tape and masking film. We were painting a garage ceiling for this project, we also unplugged and covered the garage door opener motors as well as the rails.

Wearing disposable coveralls, safety glasses and a respirator mask will help you stay cleaner and safer while you work.


Set up your Control Pro 130

Prime the tank and nozzle according to the manual instructions, then fill the tank with paint. Double check the spray gun and nozzle settings (the spray tip/arrow should be pointing forward), and test on scrap wood or in an inconspicuous spot on the ceiling, like in a corner.


Paint with your Control Pro 130

Hold the spray gun nozzle about 10-12 inches away from the ceiling. Move steadily in one direction, overlapping each pass by 50% to ensure the best paint coverage. Lock the gun whenever it’s not in use, or whenever you take a break.


Work in sections

Work in sections while painting a ceiling, instead of trying to paint the whole length or width of the room at once. The 25-foot hose on the Control Pro 130 makes it easy to reach up to the ceiling and maneuver around the room.


Clean up your Control Pro 130

Following the manual’s instructions, empty any remaining paint back into the can. If working with water-based paint, use warm, soapy water to soak the spray gun nozzle and tip while rinsing and cleaning the tank.

Run several tankfuls of warm, soapy water through the spray gun, both with and without the nozzle and tip attached. This ensures that the hose and spray gun are completely clean.


A clean, bright garage

It’s amazing the difference a coat of paint can make! The freshly painted ceiling makes this whole garage look cleaner and brighter. And the best part is that we got this project done in one afternoon.

This sponsored project was created by Two Purple Couches. To learn more about how to paint a ceiling, and get tips for using the Control Pro 130, visit Two Purple Couches’ post: Paint a Textured Ceiling with a Paint Sprayer.

Products Used


Plastic sheeting and/or drop cloths

Masking film

Painter's tape

Paint and paint stir sticks

Safety glasses

Respirator mask

Disposable coveralls

Extension cord


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