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geometric accent wall

How to Paint a Geometric Wall

Do you have a wall in your house that you want to update? Learn how to create a geometric accent wall to add a focal point to the room.

DIFFICULTY: Intermediate


Do you have a wall in your house, or room that you want to make the center of attention? With this easy interior paint spray project, discover how to paint a geometric accent wall to add a focal point to the room. All you need is some paint, painter’s tape and a FLEXiO paint spray gun from Wagner.


plain wall


geometric accent wall

Apply the Geometric Pattern

Before applying the tape, drawing out your desired pattern on paper will give you an idea of what design you'd like for your geometric accent wall.

When you’ve got the design you want, start by recreating geometric pattern on the wall using painter’s tape. Also, we recommend getting painter’s tape made for delicate surfaces, and won't let paint bleed underneath. When applying the tape, smooth down the edges to get nice, clean lines.

Pro Tip: When selecting paint colors for your accent wall, you'll want your geometric design to standout for the right reasons. Meaning, you want the color you've selected to work well with the room. Use this How to Choose an Accent Wall Color Guide if you're having a hard time choosing a color.

applying geometric tape

Prep Your Area

Start by masking and covering anything you don’t want painted.

This includes:

  • The floor
  • Windows
  • Furniture
  • Fixtures

We recommend using canvas drop cloths to protect the floor and lightweight plastic sheeting and masking tape to protect other walls and the ceiling from overspray.

Pro Tip: Removing outlet/switch covers is typically easier than masking

geometric wall

Start Paint Spraying

Now it’s time to spray! Start by preparing your Wagner FLEXiO paint sprayer and use the iSpray nozzle that’s great for big walls and broad surfaces. Adjust the nozzle for spray pattern, width, and material flow to suit the material you’re spraying. We recommend practicing on some cardboard or the included spray poster to get comfortable with the sprayer and adjust the settings to get the best possible finish.

With the FLEXiO, you want to make sure you're spraying paint 6-8” from the wall. Make full, even passes along the wall, overlapping each pass by 50% to ensure even coverage. Keep the spray gun pointed straight at the surface while spraying.

You may need to do a second coat, see your paint can/instructions for how long you need to wait between coats.

spraying wall

Remove the Tape

Reveal the Geometric Accent Wall

It's time to remove the tape. One thing you want to do is remove the tape while the paint is still wet. Otherwise you could get some really jagged edges when you're removing the tape. You just want to be careful not to bump the wall with the wet paint.

removing tape on geometric wall

Enjoy the Accent Wall

Our accent wall is done and it turned out great. Hopefully you'll be inspired to create your own accent wall. Be sure to watch our how-to video to see these tips and tricks in action!

geometric accent wall
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