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Natural Wreath Goes Glam

Learn how to embellish and update an old thrift store wreath to look brand new for the fall or holiday season.



Learn how to embellish and update an old thrift store wreath ornament to look brand new for the fall or Thanksgiving season using a Wagner paint sprayer. In no time, you'll have a gorgeous, custom painted wreath! You can make a pine cone wreath with a foam form and a glue gun, but you are likely to find a used one at a yard sale or thrift shop.


Wreath Before Painting


Natural Wreath with Ribbon

Clean the Fall Wreath

If you bought the wreath secondhand, start by simply cleaning the wreath with the air from your FLEXiO® paint sprayer with the detail nozzle removed. If your wreath is brand new, you can skip this step.

Wreath Before Painting

Choose Your Paint

This project can be completed at any time of the year, but we recommend choosing a paint color to match the current season! Pine cones fit perfectly with fall so we chose to use a copper metallic paint.

These colors will match great with other autumn decorations and the completed wreath will look nice hanging from a front door throughout the entire season.

Paint for Natural Wreath

Paint with a Paint Sprayer

Next, hang the wreath on a paper-covered wall or dropcloth and give it a quick spray of copper metallic paint using a FLEXiO paint sprayer.

If you have a very detailed wreath like we do, a paint sprayer will be a lifesaver for this project! Unlike a brush, the sprayer will easily be able to reach into all the nooks and crannies of your wreath.

Spraying Natural Wreath 2

Add a Few Coats

Apply one coat and see how the wreath looks. If your wreath has a lot of details, apply another coat and try to angle the sprayer at different angles so that you can ensure complete coverage.

Spraying Natural Wreath

Enjoy the New Autumn Wreath

Finish the painted wreath design by hanging it from a silk ribbon and attach fresh and gilded greens as accents. Store the wreath in cool dry place and bring it out again every season!

Natural Wreath with Ribbon
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