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Metal Work Bench Repurpose

From rundown to workroom

Stylist and designer Janna Lufkin of Raw Materials Design wanted to reclaim an old outdoor potting bench. To be recast as a key component of her work-space, the potting bench needed a fresh and vibrant overhaul. She turned to some paint and a Wagner FLEXiO 5000 to recast the galvanize topped piece into a useful work bench for her business. She chose to work outside in the open air, covered her driveway with a paint cloth and took the piece apart for the best possible paint application. The FLEXiO 5000 with the detail nozzle attached is the perfect tool for this quick change operation.

Metal Work Bench Repurpose Supplies

Preparing the Bench

Metal Work Bench Repurpose Before

  • The outside piece was rescued from an alcove behind the garage. To begin, it was hosed off and wiped down until dry
  • The best way to apply the paint and maintain the galvanized surfaces was to take the piece apart. The work surface was stored away from the painting location
  • Rusted and discolored pieces were lightly sanded with medium grit steel wool before the paint was applied

Metal Work Bench Repurpose Before 2

Outside, the work table was used for seasonal potting of plants and occasional landscape maintenance. Inside, it's a daily work station holding key materials for fulfilling orders at Janns's busy custom fabrication business. The crisp coat of black paint makes it streamlined and brand-friendly to the utilitarian items Janna creates. Check out Janna's line of aprons, bags, napkins, dishtowels and more at Raw Materials Design

Metal Work Bench Repurpose After 3

Spraying the Bench

Metal Work Bench Spraying 2

  • Janna chose a bright, sunny day to spray the bench, so the atmosphere was great for drying
  • Latex gloss paint was chosen in black for a shiny and durable finish
  • The detail sprayer nozzle provides a vertical and horizontal setting for both paint directions on this upright piece
  • The finished piece is a clean slate for organizing task-specific supplies

Metal Work Bench Repurpose Spraying

Metal Workbench Makeover After

From rundown to workroom - ready with the power of the paint sprayer

Janna's need for a clean and durable work surface for packing her products led to the upcycling of something she already had on hand. Without the paint sprayer, the piece could not have been reborn for updated, everyday use. Janna has used every inch of the piece to not only create a stylish work-space but also a creative and inexpensive upcycle for her needs.

Metal Work Bench Repurpose After 2

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