Nursery Room Makeover

Make Room for Baby Nursery Makeover

A fresh spray of paint unifies the different pieces of furniture into one new set. Walls, crib, and family heirlooms all get a fresh spray of paint to welcome a super special delivery.

Style star Cari Cucksey renews a room in her loft for new baby daughter the only way she knows how - vintage finds upcycled and personalized with a Wagner paint sprayer and her own palette of paints. Cari planned for her baby's room in her own vintage style: mixing new with old, fun with fancy. A lantern perches on a washed bureau. A crate stenciled with "star" means Orion connects with her constellation namesake. A vintage butterfly culled from an antique sale adds instant style. A nursery clock with a freshly sprayed case. Cupboards and drawers all filled with baby's first necessities. The freshly sprayed toy box helps clear clutter. Jadeite boxes hold baby essentials. The littlest clothes become decorative accessories.

Changing Table

Baby Room

Baby Steps

Cari took her time picking exactly the right furnishings for the space. A lamp made of vintage porch posts gets a minty toned shade sprayed with the Wagner Home Decor Sprayer. Walls are a soft and calming pink that is perfect for a little princess. A butterfly themed rug supports a secondary design theme.

Spraying a Lamp Shade

Light and Lovely

Cari sprayed the walls pink and then had an open concept closet built so Orion could see all of her pretty clothes. A farm cupboard reborn in bright yellow holds folded items like tops and sweaters. A hardworking farm cupboard goes from utilitarian to decorative with a quick spray of paint. A pole for hanging and shelves makes it a versatile wardrobe for a growing girl.

Open Closet


Farm Cupboard


Farm Cupboard after

Done in a Day

Cari is super hands on and the Home Décor Sprayer makes prepping and painting a bunch of furnishings fast and easy. All the furniture in the nursery was completed in a day.


Toy Chest Before

Toy Chest Sanding

Spraying Toy Chest


Toy Chest After

Cari found this generously sized toy chest at a recent sale. Painted in a fresh coat of green, it holds both soft and hard sculpted toys and hides all play things with ease.

A Fresh Face

Cari's grandmother gave her this lovely East-lake bureau and mirror. A white wash made with watered down paint makes a sheer glaze that gives the piece a soft vintage look that picks up the pink tones of the painted wall.

Dresser Before

Spraying a dresser

Spraying Dresser with Wagner Sprayer


Fill the Home Décor Sprayer with paint diluted by half with water. Spray the entire unit and wipe immediately with a soft cloth for this charming lime-wash like finish.

White Wash Dresser makeover

In the Zone

Cari uses both the Home Decor Sprayer and the FLEXiO® 890 to achieve all of her spray day projects. Painting the inside of a cupboard with color and providing a vibrant background for display is one of Cari's favorite techniques. Here a vintage stacking bookcase becomes appropriate for a baby's room with a mint green interior.

Spraying the bookcase with FLEXiO sprayer

Spraying the Bookcase

Bookcase Makeover After

Before + After

A vintage sewing case becomes an upcycled shadowbox with momentos from Cari's childhood. The sprayer dispensed Cari's paint, Peony Pink.

Sewing Case Before Painting

Spraying sewing case

Sewing Case After Photo

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