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mailbox with flag

How to Make Your Mailbox Look Brand New

Learn how to paint and update a weather worn mailbox by applying a fresh coat of paint with the Wagner FLEXiO 4300 paint sprayer.



A realtor friend told me years ago that a freshly painted mailbox is a HUGE part of curb appeal, so every spring I like to make sure that ours is looking its best. This is an inexpensive and fast project, and with the Wagner FLEXiO 4300 sprayer, it’s simple, too.


Scrub the Mailbox

The first step is to scrub the mailbox; I used the garden hose and a cleaning rag to get rid of dirt, pollen, and cobwebs.

wiping old mailbox with rag

Sand and Remove Numbers

We have vinyl numbers on the side of our metal mailbox, so I peeled those off and lightly sanded to remove the adhesive. If you have metal or plastic numbers on your mailbox stake, use a screwdriver to remove those (this is a great time to clean or repaint those, as well).

sanding mailbox with sanding disk

Paint the Mailbox

After the mailbox had a chance to dry, I set up the FLEXiO sprayer with black paint, and used the gravity feed cup that was specially designed for tight spaces. It allowed me to quickly and easily paint the inside and outside of the mailbox, as well as the pressure treated lumber post (it’s 12x faster than using a brush!). I didn’t need to thin the paint, either, which was another time saver.

spraying mailbox with paint sprayer

Clean the Sprayer

One of my favorite things about the FLEXiO sprayer is that clean up is fast, as in it only takes about five minutes. After everything was clean, I packed the sprayer away in the included accessory bag and went back to put the finishing touches on the mailbox.

cleaning paint sprayer

Add the Finishing Touches

I cut new numbers for the mailbox using my vinyl machine and applied them to both sides, and replaced the mailbox flag (it was faded and definitely on its last legs, but a replacement only costs about $10). The finishing touch was to add some colorful potted flowers at the base of the mailbox.

black painted mailbox with flowers

Enjoy Your Revived Mailbox

This project took just a small amount of time and money, but it made a big impact and I am so pleased with how it turned out! If you have faded outdoor lighting fixtures, like lampposts or porch lights, try the FLEXiO on those, too. That’s all there is to it--the FLEXiO sprayer makes it a quick and easy job!

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mailbox with flag
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