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How to Remove Paint from a Door

Turn an old chippy, multi-paint-layered door into a fresh modern rustic masterpiece.

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You will love this door! Not only because it's cool, but because the heat gun makes it easy to get a fresh look without any caustic stripping chemicals.

You will need:

Step 1:

Place the door on top of the drop cloth before working. This will catch any errant paint chips and make clean up a breeze.

old paint chipped door

Step 2:

With the heat gun set on low, hold it approximately five inches away from the surface of the door to loosen paint. Then use a paint scraper to remove chips and clusters of dried paint.

**Make sure to use a face mask when removing paint if you are working with lead paint.**

how to remove paint from a door

Step 3:

Continue until all paint has been removed and then wipe down the door with a dry cloth until smooth and clean.

remove paint from door

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