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How to Paint the Exterior of a House

Learn how to paint a home exterior the easy way by using a Wagner paint sprayer to quickly get the job done and save money in the process.

DIFFICULTY: Intermediate


Our home was showing its age, and its wood siding exterior was in dire need of some love and a new fancy coat of paint. Painting the outside of a house can take on many of its own challenges. We took the challenge, and boy are we so very pleased with how it turned out!


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Prep and Choose Paint

Make minor repairs to get a pro-like finish.

Before I could start spraying paint, I had to fix and repair siding that had rotted, caulk gaps, then sand and scrape old paint. I also needed to choose paint colors, which for exterior jobs can be a bit difficult to find just the right color that looks right in all lights. Speaking with a paint professional at the store is recommended. I chose "Dove White" for the house, and had the garage color custom matched.

scaping paint

Power Wash the Siding

A clean surface is a must before spraying.

Once I had the colors chosen and all the problem areas fixed, I focused on the painting prep. I was so excited because once that was done, I would get to use my Wagner Control Pro 170 airless sprayer with HEA technology to give the exterior a new and improved coat of paint! Prior to painting, we had to make sure the canvas was prepped and ready to go.

  • In step one I caulked and repaired damaged spots.
  • Next, I sanded and scraped old flaking paint, so the new paint would adhere well.
  • After that, I used a pressure washer to clean and eliminate all dirt and grime from the surface.

power washing

Mask Off Fixtures

Masking will help you paint faster.

After the surface was clean and dry, I masked off everything that we did not want painted including windows, light fixtures and rock pillars.

siding before

Prime the Sprayer

The Control Pro 170 is an airless paint sprayer, sometimes referred to as an electric paint pump sprayer, and is perfect for large jobs and surfaces, such as my garage. Having spent a lot of time in the past painting buildings by hand, I am always amazed at how much more ease there is to painting with a paint sprayer.

Prior to using the paint sprayer, I needed to prime the pump, which is easily done with a bucket and some water first, to make sure everything is working correctly. I love using the Wagner instruction manuals, since they are so easy to follow and make using their paint sprayers a breeze.


Spray the Exterior

Spray 2 coats for coverage.

I began painting the exterior by spraying one complete coat, then adding a second coat once the first was dry.

Should You Spray Primer First: If you're going from a white paint, to a dark one, you can add a tinted primer first so that you get better coverage. Or if you're going from a dark paint to a light one, spraying primer is suggested. The paint I used covered amazingly well and primer was not needed.

How to Get Even Spray Patterns: You want to make sure you use your shoulder to rotate your hand left to right, keeping the sprayer level. Do not use your wrist to move the sprayer back and forth or this will result in uneven paint spray. Before spraying, you can use the Wagner spray poster to practice, or flatten a large cardboard box. After a small number of practice sprays, you'll recognize how easy it is to use a sprayer!


Allow to Dry

Let the Paint Dry & Inspect!

Once the paint was dry, I inspected my work to see if there were any thin areas. If you're in a shaded area, a work light can help. Once I was done inspecting, I removed the plastic from the windows and light fixtures, and cleaned my airless paint sprayer. Wagner's included instructions are really easy to follow, and cleanup is simple and quick.

siding after

Enjoy the Transformed Home!

Painting the large walls of my garage with the Wagner Control Pro 170 was such a game changer. It made this project more manageable and gave me the confidence as a home owner to be able to do this myself and save us some money on such a large project.

We are so very thrilled with the change, going from all white, to adding some deep colors as accents has completely changed the exterior of our home. As a homeowner, learning these skills has given me confidence that I can do these kinds of projects and possibly use these skills to help others.

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siding after
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