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Fight the Flu by Cleaning Up after the Holidays

Tidy up your home after the holidays be using a Wagner steamer to clean and blast away grime! Use this chemical free tool to get ahead of the cold and flu.



The Holidays are over and it's time to tidy up, get organized, and put the decor away. It's also a great time to get ahead of Flu season and clean your home after the holidays. Before having guests I tend to spend hours cleaning, I can't help but feel the need to deep clean my home before. But if you think about it you should also be cleaning after guests leave. I know it's the last thing you'll want to do, but, having learned the hard way, the best way to fight off germs is to clean again.

After having a house full of guests, you'd be amazed at the amount of germs in your home. What better than to tackle those germs than with the Wagner 915 On-Demand Steamer.


Warm Up the Steamer

So to make cleaning after guests quick and easy I use my Wagner 915 On-Demand Steamer. To get started, fill up the multi-purpose steamer with distilled water. Attach the Jet nozzle and allow the steamer unit to heat up.


Clean the refrigerator

When it's ready, start steam cleaning your kitchen. I make sure to get as many surfaces as I can, especially the refrigerator water & ice dispenser, etc.


Steam Handles

Handles are probably the most touched thing in the kitchen. So I make sure to get refrigerator handles, cabinet pulls, then I steam clean the countertops. My kitchen is always the busiest part of my home when we have guests over, so giving the entire room a steam is a quick and easy way to disinfect without chemicals.


Clean the bathroom

Next, move on to the second busiest place of the home, the bathroom! Again, I gave everything a quick steam to disinfect. Don't forget to get the toilet handle!

Pro Tip: Steam cleaners are also great for cleaning floors, grout, shower doors and walls.


Clean the door handles

Finally, make sure to steam clean all your door handles.


Get ahead of germs

This sponsored post was created by A Shade of Teal. By steam cleaning these areas you'll be sure to get ahead of those germs that linger in your home after guests. You can see more Steam Cleaning Tips on my blog, A Shade of Teal

Our 915 On Demand multi-purpose steamer has a new look and even more accessories! Check out the upgraded model!

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