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Fall Front Porch Makeover

Learn how to decorate your front porch for the fall season with pumpkins, mums, hay barrels and more!



Fall is here and with that comes all the pumpkins, mums, and hay barrels, oh my! My Easy Fall Front Porch Decor is quick to put together and makes a colorful statement! With a combination of a few basic fall staples, you can put together an easy fall display!

This easy Fall Front Porch Decor is sponsored by Wagner. As always, all opinions are my own.

Are you a fall fan or are you still bemoaning the end of summer? I love the lazy days of summer and being off work, but I much prefer the fall weather and activities! I love fall festivals, football, and brisk weather! While we are still having some hot days, I was ready to get moving on setting out my easy fall front porch decor. I follow a super basic formula for my fall decorating.


terra cotta planters


fall porch makeover


You only need three items to pull together a beautiful fall front porch. Pumpkins is #1. Vary the colors, all one color is boring. Make sure to get a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. The textured pumpkins also add a nice touch!

fall pumpkins


The bigger the better! Pick your favorite color or use a variety. Mine are just starting to bloom.

fall mums and pumpkins

Height Adding Element

Use hay barrels, planters, benches, or crates. Anything you like that will help vary the height! This yellow bench has been hanging out in our foyer but looks perfect on the porch! Once you get those basic elements, you are good to go! I like to group items in threes. It is best for visual variety.

autumn crate

Why use a paint sprayer for a small project?

I love repurposing items that I already have so I grabbed some planters from the garage and decided to paint them for some new life. Since I used a variety of colors, I wanted to ground this space by keeping the planters all the same colors. I also had some terra cotta dishes that I wanted a darker color.

Instead of buying a million cans of spray paint, I pulled out my trusty Wagner FLEXiO 3000 paint sprayer. It is so easy to use and gets any paint job done so quickly! I can use a quart of paint, which is cheaper and gives you so many more paint colors to choose from! I went with Sherwin William's Urbane Bronze. It is black with a beautiful gold undertone. I laid all my items out on a tarp and went to town. I love that the FLEXiO 3000 comes with two nozzles. The smaller Detail Nozzle would have been perfect for this project, but I forgot to switch it out, so used the larger iSpray nozzle and it still worked fine!

terra cotta planters

Paint the Planters

A long time ago I read a decorating tip that you should have a little black in every space in order to make the other colors pop. The big planters was a cheap plastic ones from the dollar store and the terracotta ones were from Joanns. By painting them this deep bronze, they look expensive and really stand out against the bright fall colors. By using the same color, you get a cohesive look. I love that the dark bronze can work with any season as well, whereas the terracotta seemed only fall appropriate.

sprayer spraying planters

Enjoy your fall porch!

To add more texture, I added the straw (from Big Lots), layered rugs (Joann's/TJMaxx) and old lanterns that I bought years ago. Fall is about texture and layers, so add things until it looks right! You want warm and cozy, not sparse and sterile! It is hard to overdo it when it comes to fall decor! Start with the three essential fall items I shared above and then add whatever you like!

And then after taking all the photos I remembered that I wanted to put this adorable crate out there...whomp, whomp. Oh well, better late than never!!

This sponsored post was created by Old House to New Home. Head to the blog for the full post and details.

fall porch makeover
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