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How to Paint Fabulous Floats

Paint on summer with colorful stripes and style. Add designs to lawn chairs, umbrellas, planters, and more...or bring your style to the beach.



Make summer memorable in the colors that you love. Paint inner tubes with a marine paint that holds up in sand and salt water. Find inner tubes online or at a local tire store.


Tape float

Line the Wagner Paint Sprayer cup with a plastic liner. Equip the detail nozzle. Spray the entire inner tube with white primer.

Tape off stripe patterns on the inner tubes. Think both horizontal and vertical stripes.

Inner Tube Taped

Spray in stages

Spray colors in stages by letting the paint dry thoroughly between colors.

Spray Inner Tube


Wash off after a sandy day at the beach and store in a cool dry place.

Pool Floats

Fun fact

We were approached by dozens of beach goers to find out where we got these great pieces.

Fabulous Floats with kid

A day at the beach

From floats to surf boards to chairs to umbrellas, nothing can stop the power of the sprayer.

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