Icing Cookie with Heat gun

Drying Icing In A Flash

The Wagner Studio heat gun makes drying royal icing-topped cookies easy and allows for quick use of multiple colors, which used to take hours of drying time.

Step 1 : Bake your favorite cookies

Set aside to cool for at least a few minutes.

Step 2 : Make a batch of royal icing

Step 3 : Divide icing into bowls

Add food coloring to create the color palette of your choice.

how to dry royal icing on cookies fast

Step 4 : Load a piping bag fitted with a fine round tip with icing

Outline the cookie shape.

Step 5 : Using the studio precision heat gun to dry icing

Keep heat gun about six inches away from surface.

Step 6 : Once dry add additional colors as desired

Use the heat gun between each color until complete.

how to dry icing on cookies

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