playhouse with lights

How to Paint Spray a Kid’s Clubhouse

Learn how to paint and update your child's outdoor clubhouse by using a Wagner FLEXiO paint sprayer to get the job done right.

DIFFICULTY: Intermediate

Introduction to Painting a Kid's Clubhouse

‘Tis the season to encourage your kids to get outside as much as possible! The weather is warming up in most areas, and if you’re anything like we were, it can be hard to get the kids outside unless there’s something fun and exciting to lure them out there.

We’ve been spending a lot of extra time at home lately, so we decided to get a wooden playhouse for our kids to help encourage more outdoor play and give them something of their own to hang out on while they’re in the yard. Most wooden playscapes and playhouses come unsealed - manufacturers generally leave the wood raw because different climates will require different types of sealant. So, if you do choose to get a wooden playhouse or playscape for your backyard, you’re going to want to make sure to seal it or paint it as soon as you can in order to ensure it stays looking great for as long as possible. Generally, depending on how harsh your weather is, it’s also a good idea to re-seal it every few years to keep it in good condition!

I used my Wagner FLEXIO 3000 HVLP paint sprayer to help me paint the house and seal all of the decking - so now I know that the wood playhouse is protected and will last us for years and years to come!


Stain Spraying for Sealing Raw Wood Surfaces

I started by taping off the windows and doors of the house part (we removed it from the decking first) and using my Wagner FLEXiO 3000 to spray paint on all of the trim and the roof in the color black. A paint sprayer is the perfect tool to use for a project like this because it makes it the whole thing go much faster - it would have taken ages to painstakingly paint every piece of trim on this tiny little playhouse, but with my sprayer I was able to get it all knocked out in about 20 minutes or so.

I chose to paint the siding on the playhouse by hand, simply to avoid taping off all of the trim and because it was such a small surface - but I’d estimate that using my paint spray gun cut the time for the job in half, if not more!

A woman paint spraying the roof of a wooden clubhouse black with a Wagner FLEXiO paint sprayer

The Completed Outdoor DIY Project

Once the clubhouse was paint sprayed, I turned my attention to the deck. I chose to simply seal the cedar to keep it looking great for years to come - although you could definitely paint it if you prefer! I used Spar Urethane in my FLEXiO 3000 to spray the sealant and and protect the wood. With all of the stairs, balusters, and the underside of the deck it likely would have taken me hours to seal it all by hand - but since the FLEXiO is a paint and stain sprayer, it took about 20 minutes per coat (and a minimum of 3 coats is recommended).

Once everything was dried and put back together, it was looking way cuter and my kids were so excited to get out and start playing with their freshly-painted playhouse. They love that it feels like their own little house in the backyard, and I love that it looks adorable outside my kitchen window.

Completed spray painted children's outdoor playhouse and slide

Newly Paint Sprayed Kids Clubhouse

If you’ve got a wooden playscape in your yard (or if you’re thinking about buying one), now is a great time to start thinking about making sure it’s sealed, protected, and looking good. I highly recommend using a Wagner paint sprayer for a job like this - it’ll make it go by so much faster and easier, and get your kids outside and playing even sooner!

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playhouse with lights
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