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How to Clean Artificial Flowers

Steam is an effective way to clean artificial flowers.

In most instances, fake flowers won't do. But when steamed open with the Wagner Steamer they are beautiful enough to take center stage at a wedding.

Steam Clean fake Flowers

Steamer with Flowers


Fill the steamer according to directions. Plug in and heat.

Steam Clean Flowers


Turn steamer off and wait 15 minutes. Use the built up steam and the brush attachment to open and fluff each bloom.

Steam Clean Flowers with Wagner Steamer


Arrange in florist foam or hot glue to a wooden wreath form to create spectacular everlasting arrangements. A Wagner 915 Power Steamer can also be used to remove fungus from plant pots before adding new soil and flowers, steam and scrub mildew from deck rails or your cement foundation and steam table linens with ease!

Wedding Table Scape

Steam Table Linens

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