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5 Fall Decor Makeovers

Transform your home for the fall season by crafting and creating these five pieces of decor!



Cooler temperatures, brilliant colors and time for family and friends are synonymous with Autumn. But if nature's brilliance isn't enough inspiration to throw a party, then the ease of a paint sprayer and all the accessories you can create will be. Sometimes you have to put the "cart before the horse" when it comes to creativity. Don't wait for an occasion to entertain friends and family; rather create an event around all types of creative projects that make a gathering special and memorable. These projects are perfect for any upcoming autumn events . . . from a weekend picnic to a family Thanksgiving.


Patina Table Makeover

Your table sets the scene. It's memorable and welcoming...spray it unforgettable. Create this subtle vintage looking paint wash using a mix of white vinegar, #0000 steel wool, and gray paint. Place 6 pieces of steel wool in 32 oz. of vinegar and age for 5 days agitating daily with a paint stick. Stain mixture through a fine paper sieve to remove any debris. Mix wash 6 oz. of gray paint (chalk paint or latex) in your favorite shade. Pour into your favorite Wagner paint sprayer and spray.

Spraying a Table

Salted and Styled Candlesticks

Looking to add a vintage patina to almost anything? This lime-like finish is created with saltwash evenly sprayed on. Mix two scoops of Saltwash with 3 cups of water and 4 oz. of white paint. Spray candlesticks, planters, metal buckets and more to create a faux limewash finish. Another method: For a copper finish, first spray the surface with copper paint from Modern Masters metal effects finishes. Once dry, spray with the patina green finish to create a natural verdigris reaction.

Candle and Candlestick

Wooden Harvest Bin

Use stencil letters from the craft store to create your own words and sayings. Add a personal touch to almost any item in your decorative repertoire. Find letters at the crafts store or make your own with mylar and an X-ACTO knife. Attach word to surface with blue painter's tape or low-tack stencil adhesive spray. Position and spray over several times with the Wagner FLEXiO paint sprayer on the lowest setting. Let dry and remove stencil.

Harvest Bin

Galvanized Containers

Saltwash sprayed on galvanized containers provides a most beautiful, vintage and authentic feeling patina.

Galvanized Containers

Metallic Patina Acorn Wreath

Add a copper patina to all of your fall decorations this season. Spray a wreath of nuts with reactive copper paint and then finish with a coat of patina green solution from Modern Masters. Paint mixed with Saltwash creates a permanent finish. Copper verdigris is easy to create on surfaces both natural and man made. Give the sprayer front end a little shake as you are working to keep the solutions well mixed. Makes a delightful accent for fall entertaining.

Wreath patina
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