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PaintEATER Tips FlatPaintEATER Tips EdgePaintEATER Siding
Remove large paint chips or feather paint edgesUse the edge to remove difficult paint chipsUse outder edge to prepare underneath lap siding
  • Test the PaintEATER in an inconspicuous place or on a piece of scrap wood to become accustomed to the tool.
  • Do not force tool or hold the disc in one place for too long or the painting surface can become damaged. Too much force will cause the motor to slow down or overheat, and will cause premature wear on the sanding disc.
  • After a period of operation, check the disc to see if paint is sticking to the disc.
    • Too much paint embedded into the disc will affect performance and should be removed.
    • Run the disc momentarily on a concrete sidewalk or large concrete block. This will knock the paint loose from the disc.

Changing the Disc

The disc on the PaintEATER will wear out over time and will need to be changed. To change disc, follow these instructions:

PaintEATER Remove disc
  • Make sure the unit is turned OFF and unplugged
  • Press the disc lock on the bottom of the unit and unscrew disc by turning it counterclockwise
  • While pressing the disc lock on the bottom of the unit, thread new disc onto unit by turning it clockwise and tightening by hand


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