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Control Pro 130 with T2 Gun Product Support

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Material Compatibility

These materials are best suited for the Control Pro 130

Wood StainAcceptable Performance*
Semi-Transparent StainAcceptable Performance*
Solid StainIdeal Performance
Paint & PrimerIdeal Performance
* Smaller Tip Recommended

Tip Recommendation Chart

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Here are the High Efficiency Airless (HEA) tips you should use with your sprayer for various coatings and desired pattern width

Polyurethane, Water-Based Lacquer, Transparent Stain, Semi-Transparent Stain2114-6″
Polyurethane, Water-Based Lacquer, Semi-Transparent Stain, Solid Stain3136-8″
Solid Stain, Water and Oil-Based Paint & Primer51510-12″Included
The 517 and 619 for thicker materials are not compatible with the Control Pro 130.

Spray Pattern Guide

TailingHEA Tailing Spray PatternNeed a larger tip size. If you are already using the largest tip size compatible with the Control Pro 130 (515 tip), you can try to thin the material. For water-based material, use water or Wagner Paint Easy. For oil-based material, use mineral spirits. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for thinning.
Runs & SagsHEA Runs and Sags Spray PatternSpray gun is too close to the surface. Take a step back and hold it about 10-12″ away.Moving too slow. Move faster while remaining steady.
Overspray & Poor CoverageHEA Poor Coverage Spray PatternSpray gun is too far from the surface. Take a step closer and hold it about 10-12″ away.Moving too fast. Move slower while remaining steady.
Good Spray PatternHEA Good Spray PatternPressure is well balanced, spray gun is 10-12″ away from the surface and is moving at a steady speed.




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