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Melted Bead Ornaments

Create your own colorful Christmas ornaments with the Wagner FURNO heat gun and some colorful crafts store beads.


Gather Supplies

On a paper-covered work surface, assemble all the tools and materials including a Wagner FURNO heat gun, clear plastic craft beads in various sizes, cookie cutters in shapes of your choice, paint mask, ice pick or bamboo skewer, twine or filament and a pot holder.

how to melt plastic beads

Select bead colors

Select bead colors of choice or mix and match bead colors to create a stained glass effect.
Put on mask and work by an open window.

melted beads crafts diy

Heat beads with heat gun

With heat gun on high, rotate gun over beads until beads begin to melt... (three to five minutes depending on bead composition).

melted pony bead crafts

Let beads harden after heating

Once beads have melted to desired look, let beads re-harden for 20 minutes.

melted pony bead projects

Remove cookie cutter

Remove cookie cutter to reveal ornament

melted pony bead ornaments instructions

Heat area to make hole for twine

Heat small area of ornament surface and make a hole using a wooden skewer or ice pick.

melted pony bead christmas ornaments

Finish ornament and hang

Cool thoroughly and hang from twine or filament.
GREAT GIFT IDEA... give the FURNO heat gun as a gift and attach a few of the pre-made ornaments as inspiration.

bead melting craft
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