Furno Series

The newly redesigned Wagner FURNO heat guns are great for removing paint and flooring, bending plastic, thawing pipes, removing decals and 101 uses.

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Furno Heat Gun FAQs

Q: What is a difference between FURNO 700 and FURNO 750?
A: The FURNO 700 and FURNO 750 heat guns have all the same function and features. However, the FURNO 750 comes with four nozzles, a 5 in 1 tool, and a sturdy carrying case that keeps everything organized when not in use.

Q: Is there any internal replacement parts for the FURNO series?
A: No, there is not any internal replacement parts for the FURNO series.

Q: What is the warranty on the FURNO series?
A: It will depend on which furno series you purchased.

The warranty information is:

  • FURNO 300-two year limited warranty
  • FURNO 500-three year limited warranty
  • FURNO 700/750-five year limited warranty

Furno Heat Gun FAQ

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