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Desk Makeover Feature Image

Strip Paint from Furniture Without Chemicals

A sturdy desk reborn with rustic modern style.



Looking for an easy way to strip paint without all the toxic chemicals? Use a Wagner Heat Gun to gently warm the paint finish and employ a putty knife to just peel the paint away. A heat gun strips away old paint with zero chemicals. There are no messy solvents, and you end up with an exposed rustic wood grain in a matter of minutes.


Prep your space

Place a drop cloth under the desk for catching paint as you remove it.

How to Strip Paint from Furniture

Hold heat gun near surface

Hold the heat gun near the surface in order to heat up the paint, making it pliable and easy to remove.

Stripping paint from a table 2

Peel up paint with putty knife

Using a putty knife, begin peeling up the paint, exposing the original wood.

Stripping Paint from a Table

Sand and wipe clean

When all the paint is removed, sand the surfaces and legs to smooth them out and prepare them for finishing. Wipe with a rag to remove any dust and debris.

Table after stripping paint

Tape and paint

Tape off the table legs and top and spray the apron of the table in a favorite shade using a Wagner Paint Sprayer . The top and legs are then finished in a lustrous clear wax.

Spraying Desk with Wagner FLEXiO Sprayer

Get to work!

The result is a beautiful, refinished piece perfect for your home office. Accessorize with a fun, colorful chair, organize your supplies and get to work!

Desk Makeover Feature Image
Products Used


Putty knife

Drop cloth




Clear wax

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