Quick Foundation Makeover

Add a finishing touch to your outdoor patio by painting the foundation to match your exterior siding.
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Flexio 5000 Sprayer


After spending all summer building a new patio and decorating it – the look of our ugly exposed concrete foundation was ruining the finished look. That was until Wagner Spraytech and the FLEXiO 5000 came to the rescue!

Easy project

Easy Project

Today I used the FLEXiO 5000 as a foundation sprayer and transformed the look of our house in only a few short hours. Even at 33 weeks pregnant, this was such an easy project to do – thanks mostly to the fact that the motor is house separately from the paint sprayer, making it really lightweight to carry!

Step #1

Prep area

Prep area

After cleaning the foundation with the hose to remove any debris and dirt, I then pulled back the pebble border from the house. The FLEXiO has such little overspray that I didn’t need to do anything else besides covering one basement window!

Step #2

Spray primer and then paint

Spray Primer and Then Paint

For this project, I applied two coats of primer and a final coat of exterior paint – all in white. I also painted our ugly bulkhead door in a lighter color that tied in with the river rocks that we have running along the foundation.
With only a couple of hours easy work, our patio was officially finished! Our house looks so much brighter and cleaner now. My only regret is not painting the foundation sooner!

Step #3

More info

More Info

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Step #4

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