Paint a Room with SMART Sidekick Paint Roller

Learn how to easily paint a room using the SMART Sidekick paint roller, which pulls paint directly from the can for quick, mess free painting!
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Even though painting is something I really enjoy, the lack of time is always an issue for me. There are only so many hours in a day to get everything done so anything that saves me time is a worthwhile investment for me!

For example, my living room was in need of painting. And while I love my paint sprayer (which saves so much time), this was not a project I wanted to use it on. I’m a bit of a lazy painter and usually do not take all the furniture out of a room before painting. Additionally, I live in a smaller house so there really isn’t anywhere to put it even if I wanted to.

Fortunately, I recently discovered the Smart Sidekick from Wagner. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical to try this one. The idea of it seemed to good to be true – an electric paint roller that auto loads with the touch of a button? Seriously?

I’m SO glad I didn’t let my skeptism stop me from trying this one, because it’s brilliant and it works!





Get familiar with the sidekick

Get Familiar with the Sidekick

Start with the Hose for the Paint Can

The Wagner Sidekick roller has two hoses. One that goes into your paint can, and the other that connects to the roller. We’ll start with setting up the hose that feeds paint from the can to roller cover.

Step #1

Attach hose to paint bucket

Attach Hose to Paint Bucket

Compatible with 1 and 5 Gallon Paint Buckets

It easily attaches to a gallon paint can, and this electric feed roller also comes with an extension piece that allows you to attach it to a five gallon bucket for larger jobs.

Step #2

Attach other end to paint roller

Attach Other End to Paint Roller

Hose from Machine Connects to Roller

The other hose is coming out of the machine and it attaches to the roller handle. Next, slide the roller cover onto the handle, and whenever you need more paint just press the button. It’s such a cool painting tool, and you don’t have to stop painting to reload the roller. Also, say goodbye to paint roller pans!

Step #3

Start painting

Start Painting

Electric Feed Paint Saves Time

No need to climb up and down your ladder a hundred times. You’ll only need to get off to reposition. It truly makes painting the walls go so much faster. Plus, it’s just fun to use!

Step #4

Clean and enjoy the new look

Clean and Enjoy the New Look

How to Clean the Roller & Hoses

I love the new wash of color on my walls in contrast to the bright white board and batten trim.
To clean the Sidekick paint roller, you simply run soapy water through it until the paint is cleared out. For oil based paint you will want to run mineral spirits through it instead.
Easy peasy! I’d definitely recommend trying this one out!
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Step #5

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